Great Oaks

86 Mimosa Boulevard
Roswell, Georgia

In April 1839 the members of the Roswell "colony" invited Reverend Nathaniel Alpheus Pratt, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Darien, to become their pastor and to assist them in organizing the new Roswell Presbyterian Church.  Pratt, who was married to Roswell King's daughter, Catherine King Pratt, would serve in Roswell as pastor until his death in 1879. Directly across from the church, a gracious three-story Georgian colonial home was built for the Reverend and Mrs. Pratt. 

Although original plans for the home called for a clapboard structure with a design similar to Bulloch Hall, the wood caught fire two days before the construction began, and all the timber was burned.  Pratt decided against using lumber the second time around. Testing the clay from a nearby creek, Pratt found the bricks, hand molded by slaves, to be of good quality, and Great Oaks became the first Roswell residence built entirely of hardened Georgia clay. 

Great Oaks currently operates as a wedding and event center.

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Great Oaks, Roswell, GeorgiaGreat Oaks
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