The Women Will Howl

The Women Will HowlThe Women Will Howl

The Women Will Howl: The Union Capture of Roswell and New Manchester, Georgia, and the Forced Relocation of Mill Workers


In July 1864, General William T. Sherman ordered the arrest and deportation of hundreds of women from the villages of Roswell and New Manchester, Georgia. Branded traitors for their work in the cotton mills which supplied much needed material to the Confederacy, these innocent civilians were torn from their homes and shipped to cities in the North. Drawing on new material not yet published and an exhaustive search of primary sources, this book focuses on the tragic events at Roswell and New Manchester, but encompasses much more. The dramatic story begins with the founding of the Roswell "colony" in the 1830s and continues through the dark days of July 1864 to the war's end and the rebuilding of the Roswell mills. The book includes information on many of the mill workers and explains why the names and experiences of so many others have been lost to history.

Dispelling myth and mystery, The Women Will Howl presents a true and accurate history of this unforgettable story.

Discover for yourself:

  • The history of Roswell & the King Family
  • The hardships of mill life
  • The shift in Federal war policies that paved the way
    for the events at Roswell and New Manchester
  • Military operations leading to the capture of Roswell
  • The occupation and destruction of New Manchester
  • William T. Sherman, his role and motivations
  • The facts surrounding the arrest and deportation
  • The journey to Louisville and beyond
  • The fate of the New Manchester & Roswell mill workers



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The Women Will Howl
is a superb rendering ... thoroughly and painstakingly researched, well organized, and well presented.

Michael Eldredge
Gastonia, NC

Excellent ... The Lone Star

For a battle and bullet type of guy who avoids reading social history, this has been one fascinating book.
Gary Yee, San Francisco

The book is a Tour de Force! It should stand as the definitive reference on these events.
John C., Roswell, Georgia

This is, by far, the most complete and best written history of the community of New Manchester ever put between two covers...The additional information she's recovered has been a wonderful gift to this community.
Bill Cahill, former president of the Friends of Sweetwater Creek State Park, Douglas County Sentinel

I think your book is just splendid. Your prose is engaging, thoughtful, wide-ranging and careful in detail...The story is compelling.
Helen T., Palo Alto, California

The book itself is handsomely produced, indexed, and filled with unpublished photographs... I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what the war, and particularly Sherman’s campaign, meant to the common people of the South.
Fred Ray, TOCWOC

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"The Women Will Howl": The Union Army Capture of Roswell and New Manchester, Georgia, and the Forced Relocation of Mill Workers