Mimosa Hall

123 Bulloch Avenue
Roswell, Georgia

John Dunwody, a coastal planter from Liberty County settled in Roswell with his wife and their six children. John’s wife, Jane Bulloch Dunwody, was the sister of Major James Bulloch, and they decided to build their home on land adjoining her brother’s property. The house, a near twin of Bulloch Hall, burned to the ground on the night of the housewarming.  A new home was built a few years later, about 1847, in a similar style and re-christened Phoenix Hall symbolizing its rise above the ashes.  A subsequent owner would later change the name to Mimosa Hall in reference to the mimosa trees in the surrounding garden.

The last of the founding family homes to remain a private residence, Mimosa Hall was purchased by the City of Roswell in 2017 to protect it from commercial development.

For more information: Friends of Mimosa

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Mimosa Hall circa 1936
Library of CongressMimosa Hall circa 1936 Library of Congress
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