Smith Plantation

935 Alpharetta Street
Roswell, Georgia

Archibald Smith, his wife, Anne Magill Smith, and their children left Camden County, Georgia, in 1838 and settled in the nearby community of Lebanon before moving to Roswell. One of the original founding families, and participants in the manufacturing experiment at Roswell, the Smiths were a simpler, less pretentious family.  Their spacious farmhouse was completed after the other homes and was set back some distance, a mile north of town, from the Greek revival mansions of the King’s, the Bulloch’s and the Dunwody’s. The 1845 Smith Plantation was home to three generations of the Archibald Smith Family until 1981.

The Smith Home is currently owned by the City of Roswell, and is open to the public. The property features original furnishings, 11 outbuildings, cook and carriage house, barn, slave cabin, and corn crib.

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For more information on the Smith Family, I highly recommend Death of a Confederate by Arthur N. Skinner and James L. Skinner. Two of the Smith sons served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. This book contains letters written by members of the Smith Family during the war and offers a revealing and interesting look at the Smith Family and the impact of the war on the people of Roswell.

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Smith Plantation, Roswell, GeorgiaSmith Plantation
Roswell, Georgia